1. Darryl says:

    Ive downloaded some of your media icon vectors from shutterstock but Im having differculty editing them into a file I want to save as a logo for my business.
    I am a novice when it comnes to this and only have photoshop 10. I want to find the icons in their five different colours too but agai Im having trouble. Can you please help of steer me towards a tutorial that will make life alittle easier?
    Thanks in advance

    • diegoalies says:

      Hi Darryl,

      To modify this file or access to 5 color versions, a vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, or CorelDRAW is required.
      After that, in the “Layers” palette (Menu/Windows/Layers), you will see different layers with the others color buttons (if it’s necessary, I can send you some screen shoot at your e-mail)
      I suggest you to lock the colors that you don’t need for selecting only the needed color.

      If you don’t have a vector editing software, let me know which file have you purchased (# of file) and the date of purchase and I will send you an e-mail with the five colors in separated files.

      Remember watching this link to learn more about permitted uses for images acquired according to different existing licenses.

      Thank You for your interest.
      Have a nice day.


  2. Saviour says:

    Hi Palsur,

    I really like your vectors and would like something custom made (using some of your existing concepts, and developing others).

    They need to be events related icons (e.g. photographer, DJ, videographer, jumping castle hire, catering, etc, etc.).

    Is there a way to contact you and get an idea of pricing?

    Many thanks,

    • palsur says:

      Hi Saviour;
      sorry but I just see your message now because I was traveling.
      If I can still help you… let me know.

      Best regards,

  3. Jody says:

    Hi, I like your work. Very clean and sharp. I just purchased an image from your above Pearly series on shutterstock. I have Illustrator CC but it’s difficult for me since i have no experience with this. I’m brand new with this software. I peeled some layers off and saw the different colors and I loved it that I was able to separate the icon from the round ball or circle. Not sure if I was going to use the circle. I have this Photoshop file (.psd) that I like, but since I’m not familiar I don’t know if I can work with it like your vectors. Not sure if .psd is good like a vector. First I wanted to know if that’s good enough, but if not, I was wondering if you can make this image to match your pearly series. I am using these for a business card and possible stationary. Can you please contact me so I can send you the picture and let me know if you can do that? Next, I would have to figure out how to put these on the business card. lol. Thank you. Jody

    • palsur says:

      Hi Jody,
      you can send me the file and I can suggest you what is the better way to resolve your problem.
      If you need, I can forward you it in separate files (with or without circle, shadow and colors).

      Thanks for you interest,
      Best Regards.


  4. Vaughn says:

    Hi Palsur,

    I am interested in some custom designed icon sets.

    Please can you get in contact with me to discuss further.


  5. Mark says:

    Hi Palsur,

    I would like some more icons like this:

    I have a range of products what need more specific icons +/- 24 product groups but some have different sizes so individual icons need sub variations what specifies the size..

    please contact me by email 🙂

    Kind Regards,


  6. JT says:

    Hi Palsur,

    I’ve downloaded your vectors on shutter stock.
    Was wondering if you would be updating to include more sports.


    • palsur says:

      Hi Janice,
      no problem but remember, each set have 16 icons. If you want that I upload a new set tell me which sports do you need?



    If you would please email me with rates for custom icons. Thank you.

  8. Patrick says:

    Hello there!

    I really like your basic gray icons, and I would like to use some of them in a logo that I am making for a client. My only issue is that all the icons I want are not in the same package. I can’t afford to buy 4 different EPS files from Stock Fresh in order to get all of these icons. Is there a way you could put all of them into one for me?

  9. Hello,

    I am interested in using/adapting some of your icons for use on an app menu screen project for my client. I may also need some custom icons in the same style. Please could you let me know your rates and turnaround for creating 2-3 additional icons?

    Thank you and looking forward to your earlier reply.

    Best, Sophia

  10. Patrick says:

    I need the following icons for a computer tech business:

    USB cable
    Globe with arrow swooping up

    Feel free to add any other computer tech/networking icons in there to make up the 16. I just need the basic gray ones. Thanks for your help with this.

    • palsur says:

      No problem,I’ll try to upload tomorrow this new set, but it will be available after inspector approval.
      Probably the monday morning you can seen it at Stock Fresh.
      When the file is available, I will send you the link.


  11. Anto Matic says:

    I bought 06.02.2014. over shutterstock your vector icon sets (60589987, 60589978, 115426789, 115426795 and 56989576), but I’m not downloaded all images in that moments.

    I need icons, but link leave me to buy again same icons.

    Is it possible to send me to email mentioned files.

    I think that there is no sense to buy the same product twice


    • palsur says:

      Hi Anto Matic, I don’t understand your request!?
      The identity of Shutterstock’s customers are anonymous for me.
      I believe that the better way to solve your problem is contact the Shutterstock’s team.
      Best Regards.

  12. Timur says:

    Hi Palsur,

    I downloaded your science icons from shutterstock and really like them. I’d like to order more science-related icons from you. Can you please contact me about making custom icons?


  13. Kelly Burke says:

    Hi, can you send me a quote for custom icons? I’m very interested!

    Thank you.

  14. Rick says:

    Hi Diego. I came across your Vector Rainbow Icon collections. I really like them. I need 16 individual ones for my Developer to use on my new website that is under construction. Unfortunately you have them marketed as packaged groups where I may only need 1 or 2 out of the group and I don’t need the rest. Can you email me to work something out so that I may get just the ones I need?


  15. Jamie says:

    I am needing a custom set (chosen from many of your basic sets). I need 20-30. Would you be able to re package some from existing sets to make what I need? It’s urgent. Thanks

  16. Brad Williams says:

    Hi Palsur,

    I’m very interested in your icons. I would need a custom set developed based on a theme we found on ShutterStock. Is it possible to get a quote?


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